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When running Gatekeeper.exe and trying to enter a new password the following error is received:


(M61220) The password entered is invalid! Please check the password and try again. 

(M61220) The Password Entered is Invalid


There are three possible causes for this message to display: (Please keep in mind it could have been one of these or a combination of both)

  1. When doing an install the USB key and or Parallel dongle was left plugged in during the install of the new Loftware Software.
  2. When running Gatekeeper, you are not a local administrator or you are an administrator with restrictions.
  3. There is a mismatch in either the Loftware Identifer field or Serial Number field





  1. Navigate to Add/Remove Programs, and remove the Loftware software. Restart the machine, and re-install the Loftware software, this time making sure the parallel dongle and or USB key is removed.

  2. Make sure the user running Gatekeeper is a local administrator with no restrictions, and or a Domain administrator that has rights to everything, including Read/Write to the registry.
  3. Make sure that the serial number that is being typed into Gatekeeper by the user matchs what the representative in Customer Account Manangement supplied in the Password email.  Also verify that the Loftware Identifer field matchs what is specified in the email to what is displayed in Gatekeeper.  If either one of these fields is a mismatch, the error will continue to display.

Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions.