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Looking at the Error sub-folder of the Loftware Universal Connector's defined file drop folder, there are many files with a .TMP extension. In editing these files, they appear to be valid XML or PAS drop files.


By design, the Loftware Universal Connector File Drop Scan Folder functionality moves non-configured file type extension files it finds in the Scan Folder to the error directory. Some third party programs start generating a PAS or XML file by putting a .TMP placeholder file in the designated write-to folder. Once writing to the file has been completed, the file's extension is then changed to .XML or .PAS. However, if the folder being written to is a Universal Connector File Drop folder, the file gets immediately moved to the Error sub-folder


The Universal Connector File Drop can be configured to allow for non-configured file type extensions to remain in the designated Scan Folder. To enable this function, create a properties file called "" in the Loftware Universal Connector File Drop application's conf directory. Add a name/value of "UseFileFilter=true". 



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All supported LPS family product versions.