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Loftware format data (lines, fixed text, and/or fixed graphics) is printing on the label output from another software package using the same Zebra printer.

Some non-Loftware label-printing software tools do not clear out the existing label format data stored in the printer's memory. These tools may not even use format data for labels, so they do not remove the information.
If the non-Loftware software does not clear or replace the format data stored at the printer, the format fields from LPS or LLM will print on the label.


Configure Loftware Print Server or Label Manager so that it removes the format data after printing is completed.


Any version of the Loftware Print Server or the Loftware Label Manager.

How to remove format data

  1. Open Design32 and open LLM Device Configuration: Select File | Devices or press (F6).
  2. Select the Zebra printer and click Options.
  3. Locate the Custom Command section, and enter the following in the ZPL Command field.
    • ^XA^MCY^XZ
  4. Select After Label from the Send Command drop down menu.
  5. Click OK to accept changes.
  6. Click Connection.
  7. Make sure that the check box for Shared Network Printing is selected.


After making the above changes Loftware will remove the format data after printing the label. The check box for Shared Network Printing must be selected so that LPS or LLM will refresh the format data each time a label request is printed.

Article Number



 Any supported version of the Loftware Print Server (LPS) or Loftware Label Manager (LLM).


All supported installation environments.