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A drop file, such as a CSV, PAS, or XML, contains a PRINTERNUMBER or PRINTERNAME value, but the label does not print on that device. It prints on a different device.


PAS file created to send a label to PRINTERNUMBER 5


However, the Job did not go to PRINTERNUMBER 5

it went to PRINTERNUMBER 26



This is occurring because the Scan Path used for the drop file has a specific device assigned to it. With this setup, the device listed in the "Assign Directory to Device" section will override the PRINTERNUMBER or PRINTERNAME value sent in a drop file.


With the configuration shown above, allowing the drop file to select the device to print on can be accomplished in one of two ways as follows;

  1. Uncheck the "Assign Directory to Device" check box on the Scan Path.
    (Note: The Loftware Print Server service must be stopped to make changes to the LPS configuration.)

  2.  Create a new Scan Path that does not have the "Assign Directory to Device" enabled, and send the drop files to that directory.

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All supported LPS family product versions.