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This article describes tips for troubleshooting label creep, a condition where the text on a label prints higher or lower on each successive label printed.

Potential Causes

The most likely cause of this condition is that the stock type has been incorrectly selected. For example, if Continuous Stock is selected but Die Cut Stock is being used.

With die cut stock, the backing is continuous, but there is a "gap" between the labels and there is often a perforation between the labels. With Continuous stock, the stock and backing are both continuous with no gaps or perforations, similar to register tape.

Different printer manufacturers list die cut stock differently. For example:
Zebra: Non-Continuous
Intermec (FP):Label With Gaps
Intermec (IPL): Die Cut Labels
Datamax: Die Cut Labels
Sato: Label Gap
Avery: Die Cut Stock
Printronix: Die Cut Stock


Change the stock type to one of the above listed settings, or consult your printer manual for the correct stock type and test.


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