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Customer getting an error in SAP error calling RFC Module. This is accompanied by the following errors in the Loftware Connector for SAP event log:

  • Error: An internal error occurred while processing an event.
  • Error: Event Error. Processing cannot continue. Trying cleanups.
  • Warning: Unable to Log Messages to Interface Log.
  • The Interface Name and/or Interface Logfile were not set at time of the Log Message
  • action.
  • Warning: External System: Took too long to process inbound message; did not receive response message within time allotted.


Create an sap_interface.log file over 130 MB in size.


Short Term: Rename the current sap_interface.log file.
Long Term: Configure the system to create a new uniquely named file daily.

How to

Locate the NLINK Configuration.xml (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling\SAP Connector\Config\NLINK Configuration.xml)
Find the following entry:
<Constant Name="InterfaceLogFileAndPath">C:\ProgramData\Loftware Inc\Labeling\SAP Connector\Logs\sap_interface.log</Constant> 

Change this entry to read:
<Constant Name="InterfaceLogFileAndPath">C:\ProgramData\Loftware Inc\Labeling\SAP Connector\Logs\sap_interface%y%m%d.log</Constant>

This will create a new file each day using the following format:
April 5, 2012 - log file name: sap_interface120405.log


The Loftware Connector for SAP will no longer return an error and the sap_interface.log will be a daily log preventing it from becoming so large that it causes this issue.

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All supported installation environments.