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Description is an application developed to be used to delete pending and spooled jobs. These jobs can be very difficult to delete using the status client.


Create a drop file and drop in multiple times to a printer in an error state. (i.e. out of stock, head lifted, disconnected, etc.)
Trying to delete these jobs through the status client does not work well.


Using the application allows the user to target individual jobs based on their job number as shown in the status client.


Java JDK installed file

How to

  1. Then using the java compiler you create the DeleteJob.class
    • c:\TEMP>"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_02\bin\javac.exe" ""
  2. Then use java command to run the DeleteJob Utility
    • c:\TEMP>java DeleteJob
    • Usage: DeleteJob LPS_Machine_Name User Job_Number
  3. The LPS_Machine_Name is just what it says
  4. The User is the LPS service account user
  5. Job_Number is the job number from the Status Clien

    Example:  C:\TEMP>java DeleteJob malley-7 malley 117


When you use the above utility the job on a Spooled, Printed, or Critical Error job it will be immediately removed from the Status Client. If used on a pending job, the job will be removed within 30 seconds.


Article Number



 Any supported Loftware version


All supported installation environments.