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Certain Intermec Printers may not cut correctly using the 'Cut Immediate Command'


Loftware's default behavior when printing to Intermec Printers with the cutter enabled is set to the "Send Cut Immediate Command". With this command enabled, you do not have the ability to adjust the distance that the that the label moves forward for cutting. This is an Intermec Firmware Issue that affects Intermec Printers with cutters, specifically 3400C, 3400D, 4420 and 4440. Intermec is hoping that this issue will be resolved in a future release, but in the interim, Loftware has a workaround solution.

To circumvent this behavior

  1. Open Loftware in Design Mode.
  2. Go into Preferences (F8, or Options | Preferences | Intermec from the Menu) and uncheck the box entitled "Send Cut Immediate Commands".
  3. Go to File | Printers | Printer Setup and enter a number beside Label Rest Point in the Forms Control Section. (Label rest point adjusts the point at which the printer presents the labels for removal.)

You may have to adjust the number several times to achieve the desired results.
Label retract is also available if needed to retract the label back to the correct starting position for the next printed label. This workaround may take some trial and error testing on your part.
More information on Label and Printer Options may be found in the Loftware Label Manger User's Guide.


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