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Can I install and run Loftware without a hardware key?


Yes. Loftware can be installed and used without a hardware key for evaluation purposes, however, anything printed while in demo mode is 'scrambled'. Note that once a hardware key is attached to your PC, you need to re-configure the software to search for it on startup.
Once you have attached a hardware key to the parallel port of your PC:
Note: In Versions 7.1 and above, a hardware key may placed in a USB Port

  1. Select Options > Preferences from Design or one of the Print Modules.
  2. Select the tab labeled "Key" and check the box that corresponds to the type of key you are using.
  3. Click OK, exit and re-enter Loftware

See the Loftware Label Manager's User's Guide Online or in PDF Format on for more information.

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