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Is it possible to place spaces between fields that are concatenated in a formula?


By default, combining fields in a formula causes the concatenated fields to print as one long string of data. If however, you would like to place a space between each combined field, simply combine a fixed string containing a single space between each field, as in the following example.
Three variable text fields (text001, text002, and text003) are to be combined into a single variable text field (text004). The data for each field is as follows:
text001 = "one"
text002 = "two"
text003 = "three"

Using a standard string concatenation formula of
text001 & text002 & text003
...text004 prints as "onetwothree". By adding a " " between each field in the formula however, such that it reads
text001 & " " & text002 & " " & text003
...the text004 field prints as "one two three".


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