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Within an ODBC connection for SQL you can set the password to be blank. When you do this, every time you try to add that ODBC connection to a label, you will be prompted to enter a password.

The Loftware Print Server (LPS) does not understand the blank password setup on the ODBC connection setup screen. In order to get by this screen and connect to the database, the username has to be enter manually and leave the password blank and then select OK. This works for On-Demand Print 32 or On-Demand print client, because it is a manual process. However this does not work when using the Loftware Print Server. When using the Loftware Print Server the LPS will error because it does not know how to handle the pop-up box asking for the username and password.

How to use a SQL ODBC Connection with a blank password

Once you have your ODBC connection setup with a blank password you will need to do the following on the label in Design 32.

  1. Open Design 32
  2. Select the field which has the data source Database-Key, and then select the Advanced button

  3. Once you select Advanced you get an additional pop-up box called Addition Database Connection Information.

  4. In the box you will type the following: UID=<username>;PWD=;DSN=<DSNName>;
    1. UID - This is the username to access the database
    2. PWD - This is the password for the  username supplied for UID
    3. DSN - This is the ODBC connection name
  5. Notice in this instance the the PWD=; this means leave the PWD blank. the semi colon is a separator so Loftware knows the password has ended.

    1. For this sample the User ID is Boivin, the Password is blank and the DSN name is Loftware dBase Sample
  6.  Select Ok to close out the Additional Database Connection Information box, and then select OK to close the Data Source box.

  7. Save your label, and now when opening in Design 32, and or processing through the Loftware Print Server you do not get prompted for the username and password pop-up box.



Article Number



LPS 9.8 and up


Windows operating systems