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LLM does not support printing multiple page documents, but applying a script can simulate this behavior to an extent. The following example demonstrates the simulation of multi-page form printing using a script.

How to simulate multi-page form printing using a script

Caution: A large number of pages or number of fields on a label may impact performance, so implement this script with caution and monitor performance.

Create a label with the following fields:

  • Script Data Source Field (Script) (non-printing)
  • Two Fixed Data Source Fields (linesperpage & **QUANTITY) (non-printing) Note: The field name **QUANTITY must be used.
  • Three Keyboard Source Fields (page_count, Qty, INC) (INC is non-printing)
  • Three Fixed Text/Label fields:
    • First field named Lab01 and set Label Text = 'Pages'
    • Second field named Lab02 and set Label Text = 'of'
    • Third field named Lab03 and set Label Text = 'Below are multiple fields layered one on top of the other'
  • Enough Keyboard Data Source fields to accept the maximum number of items to be printed using an incrementing naming scheme. (i.e., Text1, Text2, Text3... Text18, Text19, Text20...)
    • The positioning of these fields is the key to making this work - the fields must be arranged such that fields for the second page exactly overlap the fields for the first page.
    • The script will turn on the proper layer for the page being printed.
  • Set the value for the **QUANTITY field to the maximum number of pages that could be printed
  • Set the value for the linesperpage field to the number of lines items per page
  • Position the page_count and Qty fields with an "of" between them to create the page count. (i.e., 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4...)

Sample Label File


The following sample script demonstrates this concept. You may use this script to get started and alter it to suit your needs.

Sample Script

Article Number



Loftware Label Manager or later


Supported LPS family product environment using ZPL or PCL printers