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When designing labels, images that are placed on the label fall into two basic categories:

  1. A fixed Image field where the Data Source property is set to "Fixed-Image" and the file name for the image file is specified.
  2. A variable image field where the Data Source property is set to Keyboard, Database-Data, Formula, or Script and the name of the image file to print is specified at print time.

When printing labels using Loftware Print Server (LPS), the standard behavior is for a job to fail if the file specified for a variable image cannot be found. There is, however, a method available to have the print request succeed by substituting a default image if the specified image file is not found.

How to Specify a Default Image to Substitute if the Specified Image is Not Found

  1. Create or select the image you would like to use as the substitute image to use in the event the specified file for the variable image is not found. This image can be any image type supported by Loftware such as a PNG, BMP, JPG, etc.

  2. Copy this file to the "top level" of the Loftware Labeling folder (not the Loftware Labeling\images folder) and rename it to empimg.lwi.

  3. Edit the Loftware configuration file named LLMWDN32.INI and add the entry WarnEmpImg=0 under the [Options] section by doing one of the following:

    • Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003: Locate LLMWDN32.INI in the Configuration folder by clicking on Windows Start > All Programs > Loftware Labeling > System Folders > Configuration.

    • Server 2012, Windows 10: Locate LLMWDN32.INI in the Configuration folder located under the Loftware Labeling application of the Apps screen.

      Edit the Loftware configuration file named LLMWDN32.INI

  4. Restart the Loftware Print Server.

Once those steps are completed, labels containing a variable image will print the image contained in empimg.lwi if the file specified for the variable image is not found.

Article Number



Loftware Print Server 9.5 and higher


All supported Loftware Print Server environments