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When contacting Loftware's Engineering Technical Support department to report a problem or ask a question relating to your Loftware LLM or LPS installation, you will be asked for either the product serial number of the product you're calling in for, or the existing case number if this is an ongoing issue. 

The product serial number allows the technician to confirm that a support contract is in place for your installation. Having this product serial number, along with the versions of any additional products you're calling in for (such as Loftware Connector for SAP, Loftware Connector for Oracle, or Loftware WebAccess) will help expedite the process of creating a support case for you. This article provides several methods to locate the product serial number of your Loftware Label Manager (LLM) or Loftware Print Server (LPS) installation.

The product serial number is commonly 8 or 10 digits and has a format similar to 00012345, 80012345, 2140012345, 2150012345

How to find your LLM or LPS product serial number

Design 32

The suggested method to obtain your serial number is to launch Design 32 and then click Help > About Loftware Label Manager. This method is suggested because it results in the most detailed report related to your product. The Serial Number is typically the third value listed, appearing after Version and License String.

In situations where your particular license or configuration prevents you from launching Design 32, your Serial Number can be obtained by running On Demand Print 32, Range Print 32, or the LPS Status Client (on LPS installations).  

On Demand Print 32

Launch On Demand Print 32, and then click Help > About LLM-WIN ODPrint. The serial number is displayed.


Range Print 32

Launch Range Print 32, and then click Help > About LLM-WIN RGPrint. The serial number is displayed.

LPS Status Client (on LPS installations)

In the Loftware Status Dialog, the serial number is displayed.


Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions


Any supported LPS Family product environment