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The article details the syntax for the ^SN ZPL command for use as a custom command or in a "passthrough" field. 


The Zebra Native INC\DEC functionality is applied at the field level on a label. The custom command must include the field information. When using passthrough fields, the ZPL string must contain all the elements for that field.

From the Zebra ZPLII programming guide:

In order to apply this command using a Loftware custom command at the printer or label level, or within a passthrough field, the instructions must contain the field origin (^FO) and serialization data (^SN).

For example



^FO153,889 = the position of the field on the label (x and y axis)

^A0N,56,134 = Scable\ Bitmapped Font based on font used for field , Font name, Field orintation, hieght, and width

^SN1,1,Y = Serialzation data- starting value, increment or decrement value, leading zeros .

^FS = Field Separator denotes the end of the field definition.


Adding the custom command or passing the ZPL code string in a passthrough field will print a Native Zebra INC\DEC filed on the label as defined by the ZPL code.


Knowledge of ZPL II code. For a passthrough field,  the version of Loftware must support passthrough (v10.0 or later).

How to

Refer to the online Loftware Label Manager Users Guide for detailed instructions on using custom commands and passthrough field set up.


The increment or decrement field is added to the Label printed on the Zebra printer as defined in the ZPL II code string.

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