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Bullzip's default size to output a pdf is 8x11, which would be fine in most cases. However, to have pdf's as backups, or when printing them in one place as a pdf and then emailing the pdf to be printed at another location on a label printer, size does matter. A label printer is not going to be able to print all labels at 8x11. So, how do you change the output size when you print out of Loftware to Bullzip so the pdf is the same size as the label in Design 32?


The label in Design 32 is designed for a 4 x 6 label stock, you need the pdf generated from Bullzip to also be a 4 x 6, because the pdf is being emailed to another location to be printed to a local thermal printer.

How to Change the Output Label Size in Bullzip

  1. Navigate to the Bullzip spooler by going to Start - Devices and Printers (if on Windows Server 2003 or XP it is Printers and Faxes).

  2. Find the spooler called Bullzip, right click and go to Printer preferences.

  3. From the Bullzip PDF Printer Printing Preferences dialog, select the Paper /Quality tab.

  4. Select the Advanced... button in the lower right hand corner of the dialog.

  5. Under the option Paper Size, click the drop down list and select PostScript Custom Page Size.

  6. A dialog called PostScript Custom Page Size Definition displays.

  7. From this dialog you can change the width and height. For this example, the width was changed to 4.00 x 6.00 and then select OK.

  8. Select OK on Bullzip PDF Printer Advanced Options dialog.
  9. Select Apply on Bullzip PDF Printer Printing Preferences and then select OK.
  10. Once this change is completed then navigate to Design 32 by going to Start Menu - All Programs - Loftwae Labeling - Design 32.

  11. Once in Design 32, navigate to File, then Devices, or press the F6 button to bring up the Device grid.

  12. Once in the device grid, select the Bullzip printer setup, and then select the Options... button.

  13. Once you click on Option.... you will see the following error, just click OK, as this is an accepted error for Bullzip.

  14. On the Options: Device 10:Windows Bullzip PDF Printer dialog box, select the Paper Size and in the drop down select the PostScript Custom Page Size. and then select OK.

  15. Select OK on the device grid.

When you print, you will notice the label that prints, it will be the size you set on the Bullzip properties.




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