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Zebra QLn320 printers do not come calibrated. Often when trying to print from Loftware without calibrating the printer, you will receive the first label plus anywhere from 2 to 8 blank labels on the printer.

How to Calibrate the Zebra QLn320

When you received the printer it should have come with software called "Zebra Setup Utilities". Please install this first.

  1. Once the setup utilities application is installed, install all mobile printers into the application.
  2. Double click on the printer, which should open the properties of the printer.
  3. Select the Tools tab.
  4. Under the Tools tab, select Action, then Send Command.
  5. There are 3 lines of commands that need to be sent to each printer. They need to be sent in the following order, one at a time;
    1. Type the following line of code:
      ! U1 setvar "media.type" "label"
    2. Select the Send button.
    3. Type the following line of code:
      ! U1 setvar "media.sense_mode" "gap"
    4. Select the Send button.
    5. Type the following line of code:
    6. Select the Send button.

  6. Repeat steps for each printer you need to calibrate.

You can also calibrate these from the printer, by entering the start menu then go into tools. Press right button until you find Label Length Calibration. Once you find this, then select the start button and it should automatically calibrate. Send out two to 3 labels. This should store the label length for that size label and be calibrated correctly.

Once the calibration has been done to the QLn320, the blank labels should not print anymore.

For complete steps for all types of media and for more details go to the Zebra website:,330,356# 


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