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Using Design32, there is no option for the bar code symbology of EAN-128.


EAN-128, along with UCC/EAN-128 and UCC-128, are all former names of the symbology now known as GS1-128. All names refer to the same bar code format, which is a Code 128 bar code format with a Start Code of "Start UCC", and beginning with a Function Code 1 [FNC1] character.

In Loftware, the [FNC1] character is automatically encoded into the bar code when either method below is used to generate an GS1-128, UCC/EAN-128, UCC-128, or EAN-128 bar code.

How to Add a GS1-128, UCC/EAN-128, UCC-128, and EAN-128 linear bar code to a label

There are 2 methods to add the bar code; the Bar Code Wizard, or manual

Bar  Code Wizard method

  1. From the menu in Design32, select the Insert / Bar Code Wizard choice

  2. Expand the "GS1 Wizards" selection, then choose "GS1-128", then click the "Next" button

  3. Select the different Element Strings required for the bar code, clicking on the "Add" button to add each to the bar code's formula

    Note that each selected Element String will add the corresponding field to the form side of the label. The "UCCMOD10()" is a Check Digit added by the Bar Code Wizard automatically

  4. Click "Next", then "Finish" to add the new bar code to the label.

Manual method

  1.  In Design32, click on the Barcode icon on the left side of the screen, then click on the label to add a new bar code

  2. Right mouse click on the new bar code, and select the "Edit Field..." option

  3. Change the Symbology of the bar code from "Code 39 (Full ASCII)" to "Code 128"
  4. Change the Start Code from "Auto" to "Start UCC"
  5. Then set the Data Source of the barcode to Formula and add the desired formula similar to that shown in the Bar Code Wizard section

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