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This article describes how to create an inverse barcode field for use with colored stock.
An inverse barcode field is a barcode where the space surrounding the barcode is printed instead of the bars. Inverse barcodes might be used where the label stock is black, and light-colored ribbon is used for printing.


To create and print an inverse barcode field for use with colored label stock you must define the area that will be printed - the area around the barcode.

  1. Create a barcode field on your label.
  2. Add the prefix INV_SYMBOL to theField Name of the label.
  3. Draw a box around the barcode using the Box tool. This box will create the quiet area, and defines the area that gets printed
  4. Change the line width of the box to 1.0 or greater - enough to make the box completely black

The following image shows what an inverse-printed barcode label might look like. The areas that are black in Design are printed white on the black stock.


Article Number



Version 9.6.1 and later of Loftware Label Manager with a Zebra ZPL printer


All supported installation environments.