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Receiving the following error message when sending a pas file to the drop directory, however, the label successfully prints from On-Demand Print.

Label not designed for selected printer


You may receive this error if you are dropping this file into a scan directory that has a printer assigned to it.


 To correct the error:

  1. Open the LPS Configuration Utility: Start | Programs | Loftware Labeling | Print Server | LPS Configuration
  2. Highlight the scan directory in the General Tab, under the Scan Path section.
  3. Click on Edit; go to the Assign printer to directory section.
  4. Uncheck the check box.
Any files dropped into a directory with the 'Assign Printer...' setting checked are dispatched to the assigned printer regardless of any printer referenced in the pas file.

Article Number



All supported Loftware Print Server versions.


Any supported LPS Family product environment