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When a label is converted from one printer to another printer, the label is merged to the new printer. If the target printer model does not support a field from the source printer model, you will see this error when you open the label in Design32.


Warning: MERGOBJDEL: Field "xxxxxxxx" has not been merged: subtool not supported on destination printer


In LPS version and earlier, QR code barcodes are available only if a printer supports it natively.  If a label is designed for a Zebra 170xiIII with a QR code, the printer supports the design when the QR code is native to the printer.

If the same designed label is required to print on a 170xi, the normal procedure would be to open the label in Design32 and change the “Configure Label For” setting from 170xiIII to 170xi. When this is done the MERGOBJDEL warning will show, and the barcode will be removed from the label because the printer does not support QR code natively.


This is the only warning that is received from the designer. When the label is saved any information or settings associated with the QR barcode will be lost. Setting the printer back to the original model will not restore the missing barcode.


It is rare for one model of printer not to support a field from another model of printer, but it can happen.  For the example given above Loftware has the ability to generate a QR code as a bitmap and does not require that a printer support the barcode natively.  This ability is available in Loftware versions 10.0 and higher.

If you encounter a barcode symbology that is not supported natively, upgrading to 10.0 will allow you to use a printer to support the symbology by creating a bitmap image of the barcode.

If other field types are found that are not supported between printer models, there may not be a software solution, or it may be required to upgrade the printer to a more recent model.

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