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 Jobs processed by the Loftware Print Server (LPS) are failing with the error message: UNP_UNNAMEDFIELD: One or more fields are unnamed.

UNP_UNNAMEDFIELD: One or more fields are unnamed.


This error indicates that LPS attempted to process a template which contains one or more fields with the Field Name property set to "Unnamed".  There are two common steps which lead to this error:

  1. The label template is currently using a Field List File to assign field names.
  2. The Warnings and Errors feature within Design 32 was turned off, so the label Designer was unaware that fields named Unnamed exist on the label template when the template was saved.  If the Warnings and Errors feature was enabled (the default) then the designer would receive the error message: Error: There are fields on the label that have not been named.


  1. Using Design 32, open the label template in question.

  2. Click View and check that Properties and Warnings and Errors are both enabled. 

  3. In the Properties dialog box drop-down list, locate and select any fields named Unnamed. All properties for that field will appear in the Properties dialog box.
  4. Select the desired Field Name from one of the unused names on your list.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there are no fields named Unnamed.
  6. Save the label. If all fields have been named correctly, you should no longer receive an error when saving the label.
    Note: Each label has two "views": A Label Design view and an On Demand Print Form view. The Properties dialog box only lists those fields on the currently selected view in Design 32, so you may need to check each view for Unnamed fields.


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