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The following Error and Warning Messages dialog box appears when a label is opened with either On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32:

Error: UNP_MULTIDBKEY: Multiple Database-key fields accessing the same database.


ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is Microsoft’s interface for accessing data in database management systems (DBMS). It is through this mechanism that Loftware Label Manager (LLM) applications are able to access data within your database.

Cannot Be More Than One Database-Key

It is common to find multiple fields on a label connected to a database through ODBC. There can be multiple Database-Data fields, and there may be one or more Database-Key fields referencing different DSNs or Tables.  However, there cannot be more than one Database-Key field pointing to the SAME Data Source Name (DSN) and to the SAME Table.

It is likely the label designer was running Design 32 with Warnings and Errors turned off ( Design 32 > View > Warnings and Errors is not selected), otherwise the Label Designer would have been warned of this condition with a "MULTIKEY" error when the label was saved, similar to the following image. 


Using Design 32, open the label in question, locate the Database-Key fields referencing the same DSN and Table and either delete one of the fields or change its Data Source property from Database-Key to a different Data Source (such as Keyboard, Database-Data, etc.).

If you are unsure which fields have a Database-Key Data Source, locating the fields having the same Database-Key Data Source can be made easier by:

  1. Opening the Properties dialog box in Design 32.
  2. Sorting all fields by their Data Source Type (Options > Properties Sort > Data Source | Type | Name).
  3. Locate the Database-Key fields from the drop-down list within the Properties dialog box.  The following images show two fields: CAT_NO and Catalog Number, both with Database-Key Data Sources.

Labels have two "views":

Note: Labels have two "views", the Design View and the On Demand Print Form View which can be accessed though the View menu option.  The Properties dialog box lists all the fields on that particular view.  If both Database-Key fields are not found on the same view, then both should be examined, as a Database-Key field may exist on each view.



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Loftware Label Manager versions 9.5 and higher


All supported Loftware Label Manager environments