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When attempting to define the drop directory property for the ActiveX Client Control, the following message is generated:

Error Setting DropDirectory


This error occurs when there is not a status folder in the Drop Directory that is specified on the Properties Page of the ActiveX Client Control.


If you proceed and try to launch the VB program, a Visual Basic System Error is generated and the program crashes. This problem may be resolved one of two ways

Method 1

  • Create a Status Folder in the Drop Directory listed in the Properties dialog box for the ActiveX Client Control

Method 2

  1. Open the Loftware Print Server Configuration Utility.
  2. Look at the Directories Tab, and the Base: path listed under the Working Directories section (Example: C:\Program Files\Loftware Labeling\WDDrop)
  3. Ensure that the Base Directory listed here matches the Drop Directory listed on the Properties Page for the ActiveX Client Control.

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