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Whenever I try to print to a printer connected to my COM port, I get the following error:

Error opening COM "x"

Where x is the serial port


Although there are many possible causes for this error, the most common is that a Windows printer is using the same serial port that Loftware is trying to use. For Loftware to successfully open the port, you need to disable the Windows printer that is using it, either by deleting the printer, or re-configuring it to point to a different port.

Other possible solutions
Solution One

  1. Close ALL Loftware Programs
  2. Open the Loftware Design ini file.
    • Choose Start | Run, and type in llmwdn32.ini
    • Browse to your Windows directory from Windows Explorer, and open llmwdn32.ini.
  3. Under the [Private] Section, change UseVXD=1 to UseVXD=0.
  4. Save and Close the file; reopen Loftware.

Solution Two

Download the VXD Repair Utility from the Loftware Website under the Download_Central | Utilities Link.

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 All versions of Loftware


All supported installation environments.