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When you attempt to launch Design 32, a Windows dialog box displays the following message:

(M645) Your system is configured for printing only 


A Loftware license restricted to "Print Only Mode" will contain a "P" near the beginning of the license string. In the screen shot below, the serial number begins with RLP[32bit], with the P indicating "Print Only". A key without this restriction would display as RL[32bit].

The message "M645 - Your system is configured for printing only" is displayed when attempting to launch Design 32 with a license that is restricted to "Print Only" mode. This occurs if the key has been programmed by Loftware as a "Print Only" key. However, it is also possible to "artificially" restrict a key by setting Options >Preferences >Key>to Rainbow Local Print Only as shown in the screen shot below:


If you receive the M645 message and you believe your Loftware license key is not restricted to Print Only Mode, launch On Demand Print 32 (Start > All Programs > Loftware Labeling > On Demand Print 32) and click Options > Preferences > Key and check if Rainbow Local Print Only is set.

If it is, change that setting to Rainbow Local, click the OK button, and restart any Loftware programs currently running.

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