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When opening a label, you get the following message:

(M636) Previously saved field list cannot be found or no longer exists.


Missing field list and Field List Section dialog:


A Field List is a simple text file, containing a list of field names, with an LST extension. When this Field List file is associated with a label, only the field names contained in the Field List file can be used on the label.

The error occurs when the Field List file that was associated with the label is no longer in the Loftware Labeling directory. This can happen if the file gets deleted, or if the label file has been moved to a system where the associated Field List file no longer exists. 

A Field list file can be put into the Loftware Labeling directory, then associated with a label file to control the names of the fields that can be used on a label.


To resolve the issue, you must first identify the missing Field List that has been associated with a label. Since the actual error does not indicate the name of the Field List file, a special Loftware program called "lwreporter" can be used to generate information associated with a label file, including the Field List. To run lwreporter to find the missing file, perform the following steps;

  1. Open a CMD prompt on the Loftware Print Server.
  2. Navigate to the "Loftware Labeling" directory.

  3. Enter "lwreporter -Labels -Filter=<label file name>". In this example, the Field List file is named "FieldList.lwl".

  4. The resulting XML report is saved in the "Loftware Labeling\LPSReports" folder. In this example, the resulting XML file name is "FieldList_lwl.xml"

  5. Edit the resulting XML file in a text editor, and look for the entry "<fldLstFile>". The name of the associated Field List file is listed here. In this example, the associated Field List file is "FieldList" with an LST extenstion.

Once you have the name of the missing Field List file, you have the following 4 choices:

  1. Locate the missing Field List file and copy it into the "Loftware Labeling" directory.
  2. Recreate a new Field List file with the same name in the "Loftware Labeling" directory.
  3. Associate the label file with a different, existing Field List file.

  4. Disassociate the label file from the missing Field List file. This happens automatically when the label file associated with a missing Field List file is opened in Design32.




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All supported LPS family product versions.


All supported installation environments.