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When printing using the File Drop printing method, the label does not print and the following error is displayed:

Error "(M632) Unable to open file"

Note the location of error message below:



This error occurs when trying to run a file drop and not having all the files referenced on the label in the correct directories.


To resolve the error, save the files in the correct directories.  To verify the correct directories within the Design32 application, select "Options" and "File Locations".  This will indicate where Loftware Print Server will be looking for files such as Image files, Serial files, Label file, Templates, etc.  If you are unable to verify which file is causing the error to occur, open the On Demand Print within Design32 and populate each field in the form with the information from the drop file. Once you select the print button you will be prompted with an error message.  Within the error message you will see the specific field causing the error.


Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions.


All supported installation environments.