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 When running Design 32 and selecting Media Setup for a label template, you receive the following message:


(M616) Unable to find specific windows printer, reset to Loftware Windows's printer


All Loftware label templates are associated with a specific manufacturer, model, and resolution.  These settings can be observed by opening a template with Design 32 and selecting File | Media Setup as shown in the screen shot below.

All manufacturer and model selections are built into Loftware with the one exception being when "Windows Printers" is selected for manufacturer.  When "Windows  Printers" is selected, the Model is not obtained from a list within Loftware, but is instead gathered from the list of all Windows printers available in the Windows "Devices and Printers" folder for the active user. 

The example above shows that a Windows printer with the name "ZDesigner 105SL 203DPI" on port LPT1 was chosen from the list of available Windows printers available to this user, and that 203 was selected for the Resolution setting.  Once this label template is saved, it will retain these settings.

If this template is opened at another time with Design 32 and the Media Setup function is opened, Loftware expects that the model specified previously still exists in the current user's Windows "Devices and Printers" folder.  If it does not exist, the user will receive the message:  (M616) Unable to find specific windows printer, reset to Loftware Windows's printer.  This indicates the previous model selection is unavailable so the Model setting is being reset to the default which is Lofware's "Generic Windows Printer".

The printer selection may not be available for a number of reasons:

  1. The label template is being opened with Design 32 on a different system which contains a different list of Windows printers.
  2. The original Windows printer was renamed or deleted from the system so the printer specified in the label template cannot be found.
  3. The user running Design 32 may have a different list of Windows printers from another user.  


Please note that the M616 message is an informational message indicating the original Windows printer associated with the template cannot be found.  This will not prevent the template from printing.  A template specifying a manufacturer of "Windows Printers" can be printed to any device in the LLM Device Configuration grid having a Family set to Windows.  Should you encounter the M616 message, you can do the following:

  1. Do not make any changes. Click the Cancel button in the Label Setup and Properties dialog box and the existing settings will remain. 
  2. Select another Windows printer from the list of available Windows printers shown in the Model drop down list.  If you do select another Windows printer, you should select a printer that contains a resolution setting matching the actual devices that will be printing the labels.  For example, if you were to choose an HP LaserJet from the list of available models, you would most likely receive a choice of resolution settings of 600 or 1200 which may likely be too high for a typical thermal transfer printer.

  3. You could use Loftware's Generic Windows Printer which does contain resolution settings to cover most thermal transfer printers as well as some laser and ink jet printers.

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