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When opening a new label in Design32, The following error displays:

When trying to open a new label, Design 32 tries to create a shell of a label in the directory. This directory is specified under File Locations for labels. Your user does not have full privileges to this directory.

To check the location in Design 32, open Options and then File Locations:

Find the path for labels. (This is where the labels are saved.)

Navigate  to the Labels location using Windows Explorer. When you get to the right location, try to create a file. You will probably get the following error:


There are two solutions:

  1. If you keep the default install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling), you can solve this issue by adding the user to the Loftware_Group.
    1. To access the Loftware_Group go to:
      1. Start Menu or Start page
      2. Right click on Computer and open Manage.

      3. Once the Computer Management displays, select Local Users and Groups and then Groups.

      4. Add the user to this group with full rights. This gives you full access to the Loftware directory and you will be able to create a new design in Design32.
  2. If you do not save your labels in the default directory, then you need to contact the network administrator to give you full control to this directory. 

Once either Step 1 or Step 2 is completed you should be able to complete a label.



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All supported LPS family product versions.


All supported installation environments.