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A connection error is displayed when running the On Demand Print Client: 

(M605) Server: LPS_SYSTEM. Address: LPS IP Address. Not reachable!


The M605 error message could be caused by all client seats being used or it could be caused by a firewall issue - security has increased considerably with the onset of Hosted or Cloud environments and later releases of Microsoft Operating systems.


There are two possible solutions depending on the cause of the error. First, check how many clients seats are in use, then change the firewall settings if needed. 
  1. To check how many client seats are in use, run the following on the Loftware Labeling root directory:
  2. If all client seats are taken, contact Loftware. If there are remaining unused seats, continue with the following steps.
    Note: The following steps are for users on a local Windows Server 2008 for LPS and Clients connecting remotely, however the port rules apply to all environments.
  3. Go to Control Panel > Firewall > Advanced > Inbound Rules.
  4. Create a New Rule with the following:
    Rule Type: Port
    Protocol and Ports: UDP | Specific local ports: 2723
    Action: Allow the connection
    Profile: Domain, or Domain and Private if you want to use non domain systems as clients
    Name: Enter a name, for example LPS Client UDP/IP Inbound.
  5. Click Finish.

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