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When trying to start the Loftware Print Server from Services, the following message is displayed:

(M4846) Unable to create the running file!


LPS creates the running file on startup in the WDDrop\Status directory, and this file is deleted on shutdown. Check to make sure there isn't another instance of LPS running, and if not, make sure the running file is not there if LPS is stopped.

Note: One of the ways to determine if LPS is running is to check the existence of this file.


Remove the running file from WDDROP\Status, if found, and make sure all LPS service(s) are stopped.
Check that the LPS Service account has rights to the WDDROP\Status directory. 

Having a running file in the directory, after stopping the LPS service, orphans the file, but does not prevent LPS from restarting and is overwritten at the next start. This issue is more likely to indicate that either multiple LPS are accessing the same WDDROP, or there are other permission issues.
Note: This error message has only been seen occasionally.

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 All LPS versions


All supported installation environments.