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When sending jobs from the Oracle Connector to LPS using the PRINTERNAME, the jobs are immediately moved to the error folder when the Printer name defined in the XML file is not found. 

If you view the xml file, the following error appears:

M4759 - Error Device Not Found <DeviceName>


The user is processing jobs to a Windows spooler.  In the Design32 Device configuration the user has the Device defined to use a Loftware Driver that is pointed to the Windows Spooler using a specific Alias name.  The XML drop file is submitted from the Oracle Connector and when sent to LPS, the job goes immediately into the error directory when the device name defined in the XML file cannot be found.

The LPS Service is defined to run under the Local System Account, but the Windows printer was defined by a user named SAPM2, so if the Status Client is launched, the device the user is submitting to, is not displaying.



To resolve this issue, the user will need to have the LPS Service run under the same account that the Windows printers are defined under.  Go to the properties of the LPS Service, select the "Logon" tab and change the setting from Local System Account, to a "User Account".  Stop and restart the LPS Service to allow for the changes to take effect.

Re-launch the LPS Status Client, the Windows defined device should now appear.  Resend the xml file, the jobs should successfully process.

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