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You attempt to bring up the Loftware Status client and you receive the following error:

(M4553) Server: SERVER_NAME. [An unexpected error has occurred on the LPS: Status Login from remote not authorized!]



The Loftware Print Server will always allow a connection from the LPS Status Client, when both are running on the same machine. However, the licensing of the Loftware Print Server controls whether it will allow a connection from a Status Client being run on a remote system.

Typically, a "Premier" license will allow remote Status Client connections while a "Starter" or "Standard" LPS license will not. To check whether your LPS license allows remote connections from a Status Client, perform the following: 

  1. Launch Design 32 on the machine running the LPS and click on Help. 
  2. Select About LLM-WIN Design... and a dialog box similar to the screen shots below will appear. Within the curly brackets or braces of your LPS License String are a series of letters that control various features of the LPS. An "S" within the curly brackets indicates Remote Status is allowed.


In the first screen shot below, the "S" in front of the curly brackets indicates a Standard LPS and only an "M" (for Multithreaded) appears within the curly brackets. Lower in the same screen shot, the feature list indicates that "Remote Status" is set to "No". 

In the second screen shot, the "P" in front of the curly brackets indicates a Premier LPS license, the "S" is listed within the brackets, and "Remote Status" is set to "Yes".


If your current LPS licensing does not allow remote Status Client connections and you would like that capability, please contact Loftware Sales to discuss options.


Article Number



 LPS version 8.x and higher


LPS Status Client installed on a client system attempting to connect to LPS running on another system.