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(M36) Error Opening COM1

To Reproduce

  1. Create a windows printer using any driver and set the port to COM1
  2. Configure a printer in Loftware to use COM1
  3. Create a simple label and attempt to print it to the printer by any method


Any time there is a Windows Printer using COM1 Loftware will not be able to access the port directly.


The easiest solution is to delete the Windows printer using the port, however if there are other programs that need to use that printer another solution is needed.

Create a Generic/Text Only printer pointed to COM1 and use Print Manager/Spooling as the communication method. Windows can handle two independent printers using the same port, but will not allow COM port access from Loftware if a Windows printer exists that uses that port.


Printing will be possible from Loftware using the COM1 port.

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