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If the number of users attempting to run either the On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32 programs exceeds the Terminal Server Client license value, the following error displays.

(M1428) Terminal Server Client Count exhausted.  Unable to launch due to an exhaustion of Loftware Terminal Server Client Licenses.  Either wait for another user to exit from their Loftware session, or contact Loftware to increase your Terminal Server Client Licenses.

A screen shot of this error message is shown below:


The Loftware Print Server (LPS) and Loftware Label Manager (LLM) products contain a Terminal Server Client section within their license definitions.  The Terminal Server Client value, which is typically set to 1, controls the number of users that can run either the On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32 print modules. 

Note: Design 32 doesn't use a Terminal Server Client license, only the LLM print modules On Demand Print 32 and Range Print 32 are controlled by licenses.

The Terminal Server Client setting is the value shown in the 3rd set of square brackets on a LPS license string and is the 2nd value in square brackets on an LLM license string. 

For example, the following LPS license string represents a license for 100 printers, 4 LPS Client Seats, and 1 Terminal Server Client seat:  RL-LPS[100][4][1] 

The following LLM license string represents a license for 1 Terminal Server Client seat:  RL[32bit][1]

The Terminal Server Client setting can also be checked by launching Design 32 and clicking on Help | About Loftware Label Manger... and check the value in the Terminal Servers section as shown below.

In the display shown above, the Terminal Server Client count is set to 1.  This will allow a single user the launch as many instances of On Demand Print 32 and/or Range Print 32 as they wish, but if a second user logs in they will be unable to use On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32 until the first user exits all open instances of these programs.

A typical cause of this error would be to have a user log into a system using a Remote Desktop session, launch either On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32, and then disconnect from their session leaving these applications running.  If a second user logs in and attempts to launch either of these applications they will receive the (M1428) error when the Terminal Server Client license count is set to 1.


Solutions include:

  • If multiple users require the capability of running either On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32 simultaneously, they should contact the Loftware Sales department to discuss their requirements.
  • Contact the user running On Demand Print 32 or Range Print 32 and ask them to close those programs, if they are done using them.
  •  If a user has sufficient system privileges, the Windows Task Manager can be used to stop any running Llmwod32.exe (On Demand Print 32) or Llmwrp32.exe (Range Print 32) processes left running by other users



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 On Demand Print 32, Range Print 32.  All versions


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