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Attempting to open a label via On Demand Print 32 generates the following error.

LLMWOD32 Windws Application

(M1410) Error Reading Serial File. Access Denied. Error opening serial
File C:\Program File (x86)\Loftware Labeling\serial\REQUEST.lws


REQUEST.lws is the name of the Serial File noted in the error above.


User does not have the proper permissions to access associated label files when attempting to open the label.lwl template.


Your system administrator should add the user accounts that need the ability to access files located in the Loftware Labeling directory to the Loftware_group. To do this following the steps provided.

  1. Launch Computer Management
  2. Navigate to Local Users and Groups
  3. In the right-hand pane double-click Loftware_group
  4. From the Loftware_Group Properties click Add
  5. Enter the object names to select and press OK

Adding a user to the Loftware_group

Article Number



Loftware Print server 9.8 or higher


All supported Loftware Print Server environments.