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When attempting to access the device configuration grid, either using the hot key F6 or from Design32, File Devices,  the system returns the following two messages:

  • M1351 error – Device Setup Failed
  • M1266 error – Devices are being managed by another user.


Perform one or more of the following actions to identify and correct the issue: 

  • Verify the user is logged in with the account assigned to the Loftware Print Server service.
  • If they are not using that account but another account, have them log off with the account they are using and login with the Loftware Service account.
  • Does the system generate an error message when performing the same process but using the service account?
  • Verify the account the user is currently using to log into the system.
  • Is that account in the Loftware Group?
  • If the account is not in the Loftware Group, then add the account.
  • Attempt to access the Device configuration grid if the problem is not resolved after logging off and then re-booting the system.
  • Log in to the system with the account that was just added to the Loftware Group, this now should be the Loftware Service Account.
  • Use this account to manage any changes to the Loftware configurations.
  • Can the user now change the printer make and model without generating an error.


Although the user was logged in with an administrative account, the user was not listed in the Loftware Group.
Once the account was added the user could change the printer make and model without generating errors.



Article Number



 All LLM versions.


All supported installation environments.