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You are attempting to add a device to the LLM Device Configuration grid and the following warning appears:

(M1348) Windows printers can only be configured in the Assigned Section.

Similar to adding a Windows printer directly to the Unassigned Range, if you attempt to move an existing Windows printer from the Assigned Range to the Unassigned Range, the following warning will appear:

(M1353) Windows printers cannot be moved into the Unassigned Range.


The Loftware LLM Device Configuration Grid allows extra devices to be configured beyond the number of devices allowed by your installation.  However, this feature is supported for all device families (Intermec, Zebra, Datamax, Printronix, etc.) EXCEPT the Windows Family.

Devices configured within the active range allowed of your Loftware installation are said to reside in the Assigned area which is represented by a white and light blue shaded area.  The area of the Device Configuration grid shaded a light grey is the Unassigned area.  For more information about the Assigned and Unassigned areas and their use please refer to your Loftware documentation.


Windows family devices are only allowed in the Assigned range of the LLM Device Configuration grid. You will not be allowed to add or move a Windows family device to the Unassigned range.



Article Number



Loftware Print Server and Loftware Label Manager 9.5


Any supported LPS family product environment