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This message can occur after an upgrade, when LPS and the On-Demand Print client are at different versions on the same machine. The conflict begins when one of these applications is upgraded, the language dll's are also upgraded and are no longer usable by the other program until it is upgraded to the same version.

Full Error Message - (M132) Error loading Language Dll ! Dll missing or mismatched.


A repair of the install usually resolves the issue, though a reboot is typically required by the repair to release the lock on the offending file. In the instance where the On Demand Print Client is experiencing the error, it is advisable to uninstall the client, copy the LPS Client Install folder from the LPS server onto the client, then run the install again. If the system was recently upgraded you may also need to browse to the Windows\system32\ or Windows\Syswow64\ and delete the LoftwareLang directory.  Be sure there are not duplicate installations of Loftware in both Program Files, and Program Files (x86).



Article Number



 All LLM/LPS versions


All supported installation environments.