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When launching any LLM (Loftware Label Manager) applications such as Design 32, On Demand Print 32, or Range Print 32, a dialog box appears with the following error:

(M1233) Password Serial Number Error


Loftware Label Manager and Loftware Print Server installations may be licensed with a password or software license key. The Serial Number generated for this type of license is based on a specific "Identifier for Loftware" specified by Loftware's GateKeeper program, and the Identifier value is in turn based on a set of key system factors.

The M1233 error indicates one or more of those key system factors has changed, rendering the existing Serial Number invalid.


  1. Contact Loftware's Customer Account Management team to arrange for a new password. For contact information, see
  2. LPS installations running version 9.1 or higher may be able to enable Emergency Mode which allows you to run the software for a short period of time (10 printing days). For more information about Emergency Mode, see the Loftware Print Server User's Guide (Design 32> Help > Loftware Print Server User Guide).


Article Number



Loftware Label Manager and Print Server versions 9.x and higher


Any supported LPS family product environment