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When using On-Demand Print 32, On-Demand Print Client, Range Print 32, or the file drop interface to the Loftware Print Server, the following error occurs:

(M1146) Error: no matching fields were found. Key: <xxxxx>.



When using an ODBC connection, the primary key field must actually match an entry in the database/Excel spreadsheet by default.  If it does not match, then the M1146 error occurs when trying to print this label.

In the example error above, the word mississippi was entered in the primary key field. As the error indicates, there is no entry listed with the city mississippi.



Once the system scans the attached database/Excel spreadsheet for that entry, and it is not found by default the error is thrown.


There are two solutions

  1. Always pass valid data to the primary key field, so that a match is found. If a match is found then the label will print with no errors.
  2. If the label needs to be processed with a primary key that does not exist, or is blank in the database/Excel spreadsheet, then certain options have to be turned on under Preferences. 
    1. Open Design 32 and click on Options | Preferences

    2. Expand Print Modules and then expand All Print Modules and select Allow printing if record not found.

    3. Expand the Range and Batch section and select Allow Blank Key Fields and then press OK

    4. After making these changes close out of Design 32 and any other Loftware applications. Also stop and start the LPS Service if using this label with the LPS.

After making these changes and when using the LPS, the label will print with no issues, and print as expected. If using On-Demand Print 32, On-Demand Print Client, and or Range Print 32 you will receive the following warning.

This is just a warning. As soon as OK is selected, the label can and will be processed by the Loftware Software. This allows a primary key that does not exist in the Database/Excel spreadsheet to print, it also allows the primary key to be blank if the need for a blank primary key exists.



Article Number



Loftware Label Manager and Lofware Print Server versions 8.x or higher


Any supported environment