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When printing a label with a barcode, an M1119 and/or an M616 error is encountered, similar to the following:

On Demand Print

(M1119) Incorrect Check Digit Entered
Data: #
User Entered Check Digit: #
Correct Mod # Check Digit: #

On Demand Print Client

(M616) Failed Job #####. Device #.
Time: ##:##:## on Date.
Error: (M1119) Incorrect Check Digit Entered
Data: #
User Entered Check Digit: #
Correct Mod # Check Digit: #

Drop File


This error occurs when there is a barcode field on the label with a Check Digit setting of "Validate User Entered...". With this type of setting, Loftware is expecting the actual Check Digit to be sent with the data for the barcode. Loftware looks at the last character sent in the barcode's value and expects this to be the Check Digit. Loftware then performs a check digit calculation on it's own based upon all characters but the last one sent in the barcode's value. Loftware then compares it's calculated check digit to the last character in the data. If they do not match, the error message is encountered. 


Using the barcode setting in the previous image, the word "Happy" is sent to as data to encrypt in the barcode. The following will happen during Loftware's processing:

  1. Loftware takes the last character of "y" as the user entered Check Digit.
  2. Loftware then calculates a Code 39 (Full ASCII) check digit based upon all characters in the data except the last. In this case the characters "Happ" would require a check digit of "H".
  3. Loftware then compares the user defined Check Digit of "y", to its own calculated check digit of "H". When they do not match, the error is encountered.


There are two possible solutions to this error:

  • Make certain the last character being sent to the barcode is a valid Check Digit for the actual value you wish to encode. 
    For example: To encode "Happy", you would need to send the value "HappyH", as "H" is the proper check digit for the value "Happy".
  • Change the Check Digit on the barcode to something other than "Validate User Entered..."

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All supported LPS family product versions.


Any supported LPS family product environment