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When running On-Demand Print 32 and or the On-Demand Print Client, and selecting the ellipse button to run the query to the database, you receive the following two errors. 


Windows Application (M1111) Error from ODBC (Opening recordset range): Syntax error in FROM clause.

Windows Application (M1144) Error from ODBC (opening recordset2): Syntax error in FROM clause. Please verify the availability of the database and the accuracy of the Advanced Connection String




One of these errors will happen every time you attempt to pull data from a CSV or Text file via an ODBC connection where the filename contains characters not considered valid by ODBC. You will get the M1111 error when you attempt to browse the database using the ellipse button and M1144 when you enter a value and attempt to change field focus, making it impossible to print the label.


  1. Close the CSV file in Excel.
  2. Open a new blank Excel file.
  3. Select the Data tab.
  4. Select From Text.
  5. Select the transactions.csv file and select Import.
  6. In the Text Import Wizard, select Delimited and My data has headers. Select Next.
  7. Uncheck Tab, select Comma, and select Next.
  8. Select Package Tracking Number column.
  9. Select Text and select Finish.
  10. In the Import Data window, select OK.

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All supported Windows installation environments.