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When attempting to print a label template which contains a script, an error similar to the following is displayed:

(M1108) Error with Script field ‘suppress_script’: XML Parser Error: '-0.0540' violates pattern constraint of '[0-9]*[,.]?[0-9]*'. 

The attribute 'posTop' with value '-0.0540' failed to parse.


In this example, the field name in question is "suppress_script". As the error message indicates, the XML Parser generates the error because a character found in the value is not in the list of valid characters for that property (the pattern constraint).  In this case, the Position Top field property ('posTop') contains a negative sign, but only the characters 0 through 9, comma, and period are recognized as valid characters.  

If a negative value is displayed in the Pos: Top property, then field is located partially or fully off the label canvas as shown in the following image.


To resolve this error, move the appropriate field fully onto the label canvas so the Pos: Top property is a positive value. The label prints as desired once this is complete.

Error rendering macro 'contentbylabel' : parameters should not be empty

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