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When writing scripts, various parts of the script may need to be stored in memory.  It is possible to fill the available memory and then attempt to add more, which can create an overflow. When an overflow occurs, you will receive the followng error:

Error (M1108) Invalid Script - Out of Memory


The memory threshold setting defaults to 4 MB, but it is configurable so the ceiling can be raised.

The resolution to this issue will require a modification of the llmwdn32.ini file or if the LPS is running with settings "remapped" to the registry, it will require a registry key modification.

Note: An error making changes in the registry can have a detrimental effect on the health of your computer system. If you are not comfortable making these changes contact someone in your organization that is more experienced.
  1. Determine if your LPS is running "remapped". Follow these steps:
    1. Open the Loftware Configuration Utility.
      1. Windows XP, 2003: Start | Control Panel | Loftware Print Server
      2. Windows 7, 2008: Start | Programs | Control Panel | Loftware Print Server (32-bit)
    2. Shift-F2 will create an "Advanced" tab.
    3. Open the "Advanced" tab.
    4. If the "Remap Ini Files To Registry" is checked you are "remapped".
  2. Modify the Memory Threshold
    1. If you are NOT "remapped", follow these steps:
      1. Open the Loftware llmwdn32.ini file in notepad:
        • Windows XP, 2003: Start | Run | Type: llmwdn32.ini
        • Windows 7, 2008: Start | All Programs | Loftware Labeling | System Folders | Configuration | llmwdn32.ini
      2. Use the "Find" tool to search for the heading [KB:JavaScriptEngine].
        • If found: Add the following line under the heading:
          • JSRuntimeSize=8
        • If not found: Add the following 2 line to the end of the file:
          • [KB:JavaScriptEngine]
          • JSRuntimeSize=8
    2. If you are remapped, follow these steps:
      1. Open regedit:
        • Windows XP, 2003: Start | Run | Type: Regedit
        • Windows 7, 2008: Start | "Search Programs and Files" dialog | Type: regedit | Select regedit.exe
      2. Navigate to the following key:
        • Windows XP, 2003 32 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Loftware, Inc.\llmwdn32.ini
        • Windows 7, 2008 64 bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Loftware, Inc.\llmwdn32.ini
      3. Locate sub-key JavaScriptEngine.
        • If it does not exist you will need to create it.
      4. Create a new String value:
        • String: JSRuntimeSize
        • Value: 8


If the increased value is sufficient you will no longer receive the referenced error. If the new value is not sufficient you can increase it again. It is recommended that you use 4MB increments.


Article Number



LPS version  9.8 and higher.


All supported Windows environments.