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When I try to print my label, I get the following error.

label not designed for selected printer


Because each printer family supported in Loftware has its own printer language, labels designed for one printer may not work for a printer that is from a different family or is a different model number within the same printer family. Therefore, it is necessary for each label to be printed to the printer it is designed for. If you are getting a 'label not designed for selected printer' error you can use either of the following solutions:

Solution 1 - Configure a printer to match the label format:

  1. Select File > Printers or F6 from Design or one of the Print Modules.
  2. Check to ensure that the printer required by the label is on the configured printers list.

If the correct printer has not yet been configured:

  • Press Add; complete the Printer Configuration Wizard; press OK.

Solution 2 - Configure the label to match your printer:

  1. Select File > Label Setup or F5 from Design or one of the Print Modules.
  2. Select the appropriate information (Printer Mfgr, etc.) under the Label Setup tab; press OK.

The label format is automatically merged to the format of the selected printer.


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