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When printing using Loftware Print Server (either from the On-Demand Print Client or by dropping a file) on Windows Server 20012 R2 or Windows 8.1, you receive the following error:


The environment is very specific, but when using the Loftware Print Server to print to a Windows driver for a Windows Printer that can also be used a as a copy machine, the error will appear when the first label prints. If you click Yes, it will print the job, and the next time you print the error will come back. If you press No, the job will not print.


In order for this to work correctly, you have to permanently turn off Excel Job Control:

  1. Navigate to the Windows Start page (lower left Windows Logo, this is hidden until you move your mouse over it).

  2. Start typing the word devices, and on the right hand side of the screen select devices and printers.

  3. Once in the Devices and Printers box, right click Copier/printer under devices and printers and select Printer Properties.

  4. Select the Preferences button at the bottom of the Properties box.

  5. Select the Other tab at the top of the Preference box.

  6. Deselect the box next to Excel Job Control.

  7. Click OK. Once this change has been made, send the print job again. The job should print without the error or a warning box.





Article Number



LPS and LLM Version 10.1 or higher on Windows 2012 or Windows 8.1.


All supported installation environments.