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When trying to add an LPS Server using the Oracle Connector Console after applying an LPS License Key using Gatekeeper, the following error appears:

Could not add server: LPSSocket.validateResponse received error message from LPS: An unexpected error has occurred on the LPS: Integration Logon not Authorized!  Premier License of LPS is required for this connection!


When using the Connector Console to add the LPS Server(s), you can either add a specific LPS Server or select Discover All and then select an LPS server from the list returned.  If the LPS is running in DEMO Mode or if a license key has been applied but the LPS Service was not restarted to apply the Premier License key, the error message is displayed.


If your LPS is running in DEMO Mode, contact the Loftware Customer Account Management team to properly license the Loftware Print Server. 

If the Loftware Print Server server has already been licensed with a Premier license indicating that there is an Oracle Connector Seat in the license key string (shown in the following image), try restarting the Loftware Print Server Windows service.

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All supported LPS family product versions


Any supported LPS family product environment