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When creating a new label or saving an existing label in Design32, you get the following message:

 Possible causes:

1) User permissions; the user doesn't have the proper permissions to save a label in the ...\Loftware Labeling\Labels folder.
2) There is an issue with the system accessing the Normal.lwt file in the templates folder.
3) There has been a bad install process.


Solutions for possible issues:

User permissions:

1) Verify that the user logged in is a member of the Loftware_Group.

2) Navigate to the Management Console select Configuration\Local Users and Groups.

3) Right Click on Groups and add the user if he is not a member of the Loftware_Group

The user must log out and then log back in before the system will process the change.

For Normal.lwt issue:

1) Verify that the Normal.lwt file exist in the ...\Loftware Labeling\Template\General folder.

2) Verify that the Templates file location is correct in Options\File Locations. Also verify the file [Path] in llmwnd32.ini

Templates=C:\Program Files\Loftware Labeling\TEMPLATE\GENERAL

For a Bad install:

If the issue still exist after verifying the User permissions and the Normal.lwt configuration is good,  run a repair on the installed Loftware software.

Article Number



 Loftware Label Manager, version 9.8 or higher


All supported installation environments.